Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It's been quite sometime since I last blog.
What, like a year ago? or so..

Spm is over. Like finally!
It wasn't that tough, nor was it easy.
Pantang la..

And, if you think you can get A+ for all the subjects,
just keep it to yourself and shut the F**k up.
Don't go around shouting the paper is easy.

Women, men have tried to understand them since the beginning of time.
If she didn't ate the apple, there wouldn't be a hell.
Damn your curiosity, women.
But, without women, there's no continuity of mankind.

I'm fussing over this problem.
I don't text my best girl friend already due to Spm.
I don't think we're gonna text each other like we used to because,
we're so use to not texting each other anymore.
Yes, I miss her. I'm glad Spm is over for me. :D

Well, girls just can't go out whenever they want can they?
There's this girl I text a lot, she said we text a lot...
Then she asked me what do I want from her.
I'm totally baffled.
Sorry for calling you darling. Hope you're not gonna see this.

Some friends just won't disappear from your life even though you want them to.
Fate I guess. That's what my mom always told me.
Yes, I am a christian, but I believe in other religion too.
All are the same, God is one. :D

Can't get my mind of girls now. sorry la.
The person I can rely most is Sek wen hao.
He has always been there when I needed him.
We share issues with one and the other.
But sometimes, I just keep it a secret, coz some decision I make are
just pure stupidity. Thus kena diao by him. hahaa

I think this will be my last post. Gonna switch to live journal I guess.
Need a place to express myself. Privately.

You be a bitch because you can,
You try to hit me,
Just to hurt me,
So you leave me,
Feeling dirty,
Cause' you can't understand.
-John Mayer, slow dancing in a burning room-

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Priceless.

"Lonely was the song i sang,
till the day you came :)"

Yes, I copied that quote from a friend's blog.
There, I admitted it.

See, I take friendship very seriously,
And I hate losing friends.
Especially once a close friend like you,
But when you started accusing me of something I didn't do,
There goes my respect for you.

Well, I'm a firm believer in what I say,
And as a friend I expect you to trust in what I believe.
So, When I said I did not do it, I really didn't do it.
Stop being so emotional.

I really don't know why.
Maybe we think alike, or a bizarre coincidence.

I started to think about that problem after a few days.
And I thought it was a really small problem. Tic tac.
Over-reacting you definitely did but it doesn't matter anymore.
Its none of our fault because it was just a small misunderstanding,

Can I have our friendship back? :)

P/s: "Why do you have to make such a big fuss,
out of mere misunderstanding?"

Friday, February 12, 2010


Back into the blog sphere. =]

So much for updates about Aussie.
Forget it.

Went for bowling yesterday.
I just broke my high score! AGAIN! =]



Before the first one my high score was 182. =]

Well, February is the month for love birds.
Its valentine's day in SMK Seafield.
Gifts and cards are all over the school.

Gosh, I saw this student with a whole plastic bag of gifts.

Where did all this people get so much money to spend?
And I saw a small little batch with a sperm and condom, RM5?!!?

Since it is just once a year, I wouldn't mind spending some cash. xDD

Apparently, I'm addicted to John Mayer's song,
Especially, Slow dancing in a burning room.
Fantastic song!

Ohhh, that reminds me, I gotta go learn how to play the song.


P\s: Can you be my valentine? :D


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I didn't expect expect myself to go/come to Australia,
Until my mom said, 'Schaun, go book your flight tickets to Australia.'

I was thrilled, so as was my brother.
This was actually part of my trying new stuffs quote.

I don't know what I'm crapping about. xD

I've never flew overseas alone before.
Everywhere I fly is with my parents.

But this time, I told my mom I wanted to fly alone,
And she agreed!

So, on the 13th of December,
I woke up at 5 o'clock.
Its my earliest time since school ended. xD

cleaned up,
And took off at about 7.
I know right!! We could have took off earlier.

I can't believe my mom requested for an assistant.
Maybe she is concerned about my younger brother.
Its really easy to go through the immigration. =]

After burning a hole in the chair for 5 hours,
We finally arrived at Perth international airport.
What a relief.

Scanned our bags, and headed out.
Surprisingly, my aunt was already there waiting for me and my brother.

Went back to our aunt's gigantic house, ate and slept.

And that is our routine for 3 days already.
Well, not really, I have to do the dishes, mop the floor, move piles of sand etc.

My leg hurts now.
Massage! Anyone??

I'll be back on the 6th of January.

Will keep you guys updated. =]

Till then,

P/s: Will upload some pictures. =]


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One more day


They can be long or short,
As long as they make sense to you.

Poetry can be written indepently,
As discrete poems,
Or may occur in conjunction with other arts,
Like, Poetic drama, hymns, lyrics etc.

So, inspired by Mr.Gan's poetry skills,
I've decided to write my own poem. =]

You might think that us 16 years old boys cant write anything.

But when the..err..what do u call it??
The sudden realization.

The words just came to my mind as I was writing.

I was thinking what course should I take after form 5.


Aeronautical engineering?

Or this?

Aviation engineering.

or maybe marine engineering. (encouraged by my mom)

Initially I was thinking of taking aeronautical engineering.
On second thought, the other 2 courses might be fun.


An amazing smile you have,
And a fantastic friendship you gave.
Every penny, I'll save,
To bring that smile to a better place.


Sunday, November 29, 2009



I just came back from Genting.
In fact, I actually came back a few days ago. ^^"
I think it was on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday. xD

I didn't find out about the Genting trip until
This girl invited me,

Kiew yee lei.

My holidays will be dull and BORING,
If it wasn't for her.
Anyways, I just wanna say thank you for inviting me to what is..
suppose to be a 4E class trip,
And being a great partner. =D

Not to forget the organizer,
Kelly Lim xin wei. =]

To all those people who joined us during the trip,
Thank you for making my day.

Photos at Yee lei's and Kelly's blog.

P/s: I miss Genting!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Late at night

Go ahead, touch it.


Isn't it suppose to be explored?
Trying new stuffs, going for an adventure.

After hours of dreaming about life,
By dreaming I meant thinking,
Yes, I love thinking.

Anyways, after hours of thinking,
I finally realize I got to go for some adventures.
Try new stuffs like for example, Sky diving! or Bungee jumping!
Must do this by next year!

I was like Jim Carey in the movie Yes Man,
Saying no to this kind of 'nonsense'.

Well, after hours of buka-ing my head,
I finally said YES to..trying new stuffs.. LOL

Wen Hao is the dude I think I should go venture with.
Its not a compliment.

I'm not saying that other friends are no good, but its just my personal thought.
I mean, you don't get friends saying 'Jom!' *Snaps finger*
When you ask them to try new stuffs,
Like, instantly.

Schaun:'Hey, why not we try flying to Australia after Spm instead of travelling around Msia?'
Sek:' Jom!' Ask your aunt whether can rent the hse anot..'

Yup, my aunt is renting her house there.

I know its not confirmed, but,

'He gives you that hope..'
-Russel Peters-

What I meant was you'll feel excited and will be looking forward to that day. =]

Guess what time I took my bath today?
You guys will never guessed it. xPP

Crap! 4am already!


So much for posting about life and thoughts. xD

Signing off!

I believe in love at first sight.